Sunday, May 16, 2010

No news is...well, no news.

It seems like so much has been happening in our adoption, yet really nothing is happening. There's been a lot of information and misinformation about what is going on in our country so I have just avoided posting altogether until we had a better idea of things. But it's looking like that could mean I won't be posting for a couple of months, so I thought I'd at least try to explain what we know right now.

U.S. and officials from our country met last week and came to an agreement on a bilateral agreement regarding intercountry adoptions. This is great news and means that we will be able to adopt Kirill. However, it is going to take a couple of months for the agreement to be signed and become "official". This is (potentially) bad news. It means that we may have to wait until the agreement is "official" to travel. Or we may not. We just don't know yet. Here is an exerpt from an email we received from our adoption agency regarding how things stand:

"The political party that backs (President of undisclosed EE country) support continued processing of adoption while the agreement is finalized and announced such last week so everyone is hopeful that the regional Ministries of Education and Science will follow suit but it is too soon to know. We hope to have confirmation from each region as to how it plans to work over the course of the rest of this week/ early next week. The language of the agreement has not been made public yet so do not have the details of the agreement at this point. I know the waiting is difficult! We hope to have some more news soon!"

If you are praying for us, please pray for a couple of things specifically:
1. The Minister of Education and Science (MOE) in our region decides to continue processing adoptions while the agreement is finalized.
2. The judge in our region also decides to continue processing adoptions while the agreement is being finalized.
3. We receive our first travel date very soon. Like yesterday. LOL.
4. Kirill is allowed to remain in the orphanage and isn't moved to an institution until we can finalize the adoption.

I hope I have exciting news to post soon. But right now, it's just more hurry up and wait!