Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last Paper?

I've said this about ten times before in this process, but I THINK I just Fed-Ex'd the last piece of adoption paperwork. Now as I'm typing that, I'm thinking..."you're going to jinx it!" But I refuse to let that thought take over. The judge requested some additional information and all of our court documents had expired, so that was all in this set of papers. Please say a prayer for that envelope. I know Satan is trying to keep it from reaching its final destination. Another adoptive family that is adopting from the same country and region as we are said, "We're getting closer because things are getting harder." She is so right. If you don't believe in spiritual warfare, adopt. So please be in prayer for Satan to be restrained and our paperwork to arrive in country, safe and sound.


  1. so glad to have found your blog off of RR

  2. I really hope all is going well with Kirill. He looks adorable and you are wonderful people for doing this fantastic adventure. I will be watching your page so lots of updates please. I am sure satan is gone and you are going to get a wonderful christmas present. Goodluck for a super life together. JO from New Zealand.XXX