Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Celebration Begins

After court was over, we were told the decree would be ready within 5 days and we could go pick up Kirill in Pskov as soon as the decree was ready. So we decided to stay in Moscow and just wait for the decree. We changed our plane tickets. We had already reserved the hotel for an extra night because we were not sure if court would be one day or two, so we had some time there to make a decision about our travel plans. It wasn't hard to decide; we weren't leaving Russia without our son this time. I didn't care if it took months, I wasn't getting on a plane without him!

We frantically emailed and Facebooked our awesome news. We Skyped with my family and some of our close friends. God just kept blessing us. People rallied to take care of everything at home since our trip got extended by two weeks.



Suddenly, everything was brighter...especially St. Basil's

I have a slight obsession with the green doors in Russia. Guess what color I've decided to paint the door of our West Circle house since we've been here?

We celebrated in Red Square into the night!

Everything that has been done for us...there are not words to adequately describe how thankful we are for our biological family as well as our faith family...including so many of you. We could not have made this journey to Kirill without an army of people helping us. Many of you who simply read the blog but don't even know us have helped with finances and prayers and messages of support. Oh my, do we ever feel unworthy!!! I cannot say it enough: OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL! HE IS SO GOOD!

Next up: "How to Pass the Time in Russia"...stay tuned...LOTS of pictures and fun stories!


  1. God is so good :) If I can speak for lots of people following your blog, we loved helping out anyway we could! I am so happy that adorable blonde haired little guy has a family! xx

  2. Amen to that! the pictures of you celebrating and your smiles are wonderful! xxxx

  3. OK, it doesn't matter what you post, even your hubby doing a happy handstand will bring on the tears! Waiting so impatiently for pics of you with Gregory!!!! :)
    Happy Celebrating !!!!!!

  4. Can't wait for you to board that plane!

  5. So beautiful! I cant wait to see pictures of him at home!!! I noticed you said Pskov. My heart hurts every time I hear that city name. We were unable to adopt our child from there. I wonder if they were at the same orphanage? Her name is Ksenia Davidovich. She is a deaf blind baby, well a baby no more she is...2 already. Wow how time flies. Oh how I pray she is alright and already home with her forever family. Congrats on Kirill.

    Be blessed

  6. HOORAY!! I love the green door idea. Congratulations again!

  7. Awesome! I am looking forward to your next update because my hubby and I are in the process of adopting from Russia as well.

  8. Yes, God is good :) I do not even personally know you, though I have followed your blog for quite awhile, and every time I read one of your updates I can't help but sit here and cry happy tears over the way prayers have been answered. God paves the way where it looks impossible (saying that from experience and five adoptions later). Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to hear about when you finally hold your your sweet little guy in your arms and know he's yours!!!!

  9. I love that pic of your hubby with the singamajig (sp?). I made the mistake of buying them for my two youngest kids for Christmas, and they sure are annoying!