Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Pic

I think I've posted this pic before, but Amy (Reece's Rainbow Family Service Coordinator) sent it to me in its original, uncropped state the other day. I've spent some time enhancing and tweaking the colors. It's a faxed copy so the quality isn't that great and there were some lines on the photo. I was able to make it look a little better. I hope we can get the original when we meet Sarge. But for now, I love looking at this newborn picture! What a treasure that we have a picture of him when he was so little. Most families don't have newborn pictures because the children are typically in the hospital for a little while before they get to the orphanage. There aren't a lot of photos of the children taken until they are available for adoption and then they will usually just take a snapshot for the agency. So, we don't really know why someone took this newborn picture of Sarge, but we certainly are glad to have it!


  1. OH my goodness, he looks different here. What a cutie though. Can't wait to see new pics of him. Any word yet?

  2. I know Deana...he looks like a different child. But when you place them side by side he looks the same in the face. His head shape is totally different though. Still the cutest thing ever!!!