Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Forefinger ≠ Four Fingers

First off, I just have to say it is really good to be back in K's country. I really missed it and I have really developed a huge love for this country. This trip has been a much easier trip as far as feeling comfortable with our surroundings and not being so unsure of ourselves with the local people. We feel that they are really very friendly if you try to talk with them; especially younger people who enjoy practicing English and having a few laughs as you try to speak Russian words/phrases.

So much to catch up on here, but first I have to tell you all about the 8 medical specialist exam. I got in trouble with Greg for posting about my hoo-hah fears in my previous post. Chalk it up to fatigue, nerves, and...well, who am I kidding? I could make excuses but it's just who I am...I often speak before I think...or type. Needless to say, I was VERY RELIEVED that there was no checking of anything below the belt.

However, I did manage to make a complete fool of myself anyway. We had been to see one specialist, the psychiatrist, and the translator told us that he was very easy and friendly. He asked us four or five questions and that was it. It was so easy. But then came the neurologist. The facilitator told us she was more thorough and that she sometimes seemed very serious, but not to worry, just to answer her questions. Greg and I were seen together for all of the exams, but I always went first because I like to get things over with...especially unpleasant or nerve-wrecking experiences!

So here we are in the neurologist's office. She asks a few questions about our health and then asks us to do a few tests. We have to do the normal reflex stuff, just like American doctors. No big deal, everything is going well, I'm still VERY nervous though. She asks me to stand up with my feet together and arms out. Then she asks me to close my eyes and, as our interpreter said, "touch your nose with your four fingers." So I'm standing there, eyes closed, trying to get all four of my fingers on my nose. I start hearing Greg snicker, then the translator, then the doctor. They are all belly-laughing at me! I'm standing there thinking, "What? Did I do it wrong? Ohmygoodness! We're not going to be able to adopt K because I can't get all four fingers on my nose!" Seriously, it was sheer exhaustion plus nerves because any fool would know that she meant "touch your nose with your forefinger." Hello? Same test we do here in the U.S. But I seriously couldn't hear anything except "touch your nose with four fingers," or, in my really tired state, "get all four fingers on your nose!"

So yeah, it was awesome. The translator and Greg didn't stop laughing about it for the rest of the day. I'm sure the neurologist wrote that I was neurologically fine but just not that smart. Oh well...


  1. Oh good gracious! lol Must be that Alabama education! LOL :)))

  2. Hehe Ummm... I got nothin... LOL Way to show 'em Tesney! hehe

  3. Oh my gosh, Tesney! I see my N regularly and I just know that I will laugh every single time I have to touch my nose! Praying that your journey is without difficulties and that you'll bring your Boy home soon! Hugs ~ Jo

  4. Now THAT is funny!!!! I can imagine your nerves after all you have been through with this adoption process. Hope you can feel the prayers coming across the world!!! Can't WAIT to see pictures when you are reunited!!!

  5. You made me laugh until I cried just now and I really needed that. Thanks. I have been praying for you guys for what seems like forever so the fact that you can laugh at yourself about not doing well on the sobriety test when you have been through so much more makes me think that the impossible is possible. Thanks. And I loved your post about being nervous about your physical. One of the questions I asked Heather (Anya's mom) about her's was if they had to do anything down there. The answer was luckily no and made me think that I might be able to go through with a foreign adoption after all. Because that one might have been a deal breaker for me. Thanks again for the laugh. Praying you are home with your son soon.