Saturday, August 1, 2009

Clayton's Two Cents

We've been talking to Clayton a lot about the adoption. He's constantly asking questions about Sarge and wanting to know when he's "coming to my house." It's hard to explain to a three-year-old why we have to wait so long to bring Sarge home. As usual, Clayton has an opinion about the process and here are some of the funniest conversations we've had:

Clayton: "Why are you looking at Sarge?" (I was actually calling somebody on my cell phone but Sarge's pic is the background pic on my phone).
Me: "Well, I have his picture on here because I miss him and looking at his picture helps me feel better."
Clayton: (after a couple of minutes of silence) "Mommy? I miss Sarge too. Can I have your phone to call him?"

Me: "Clayton, Sarge is a long way from Tuscaloosa. Mommy and daddy will have to fly on a big airplane to go get him."
Clayton: "You don't have to go. The mailman can just bring him."

Me: "We are going to give Sergey a new name. We are going to name him Jonathan Sergeant. You can call him John Sergeant or Sarge."
Clayton: "We can name him Shad Johnson Sergey." (referring to former UA player Rashad Johnson, with whom Clayton has been mildly obsessed since he was old enough to say "Roll Tide")

Rashad Johnson and Coach Saban


  1. Out of the mouths of babes... hehe. It sounds like he is taking well to the news of his new brother. I'll pray it's short process for you!

    -Molly (RR)

  2. Sarge Shad... it's got a nice ring to it! :-) What a sweet big brother he will be. We'll be praying.