Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Got my physical done today at my regular endocrinologist appointment. There was a lot of blood work and such that had to be done, so it took a while. I have to tell you that my endo is a God-send. I'm a Type 1 Diabetic, and so is he. He takes wonderful care of me and goes above and beyond the call of duty. So today when I go in with this physical for him to fill out that has to be notarized, he says, "No problem, I can do this. Let me take care of it all while you are here." Now I have to explain, I had already done lab work to prep for this appointment, as I typically do every three months when I see him. It didn't call for ANY of the tests (HIV, TB, etc.) that the physical required. He took the time to send me back to the lab, re-order the tests, do the complete physical, and even agreed to take it to a notary himself rather than having me bring one to his office (they don't have one at his office like some doctor's offices do). He contacted all my other doctors (gyno, eye dr, and dentist) and requested records WHILE I WAS THERE. Now maybe all of you have fab-o doctors who do this kind of stuff for you all the time, but it's been my experience that most doctors would put the paper in your file, have you do all the preparatory lab work, gather your records, and then come back for the physical. I certainly don't think most of them would personally call, from their cell phone, while they are in the room with you, to all of my other doctors and request records. And I'm sure they wouldn't go to the notary themselves to sign the paper. It is supposed to be ready for me to pick up this afternoon...what a great doctor!

Tomorrow: Phone interview (adoption agency) at ten a.m. and first homestudy interview with(homestudy agency) at 2 p.m. Whew!


  1. Woha, that is an awesome doc!! Can I borrow him sometime?

  2. I would totally let you if you lived anywhere in Alabama. :) I thank God for him daily...he's truly one of my favorite people. You don't meet many docs like him. He's really in it for the right reasons!

  3. If we ever move back, I totally want a referral. Good luck with the interviews!

  4. I have enjoyed reading through your blog! It's so awesome as God prepares the way for this journey...something as simple as your doctor being so accommodating to get everything you need done, in the way you need it done!
    Praying for your journey.
    Michele, Adopting Morgan, RR

  5. Thanks for reading Michele! Can you invite me to read your blog? tesneydavis(at)hotmail(dot) com.