Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Adoption Date

Not "date" as in the day it will happen, but "date" as in a day out with my husband. We got a babysitter on Thursday and spent the day doing adoption stuff. We had a phone interview with our adoption agency that morning. After we finished that, we headed to the police department to get fingerprinted. We grabbed lunch and then went to Birmingham to our homestudy agency office for our first interview with them. At some point during the day we realized it was the first time in a looooong time that we had spent the entire day alone, together, without Clayton. It was a really fun day that reminded me why I love my husband so much and made me so happy to be going through this adoption process with him!

In case you are wondering, both of the interviews went great. We got some more information from our adoption agency about John Sergeant. We were given a better idea of our timeline and what to expect when we go to Russia. It was very reassuring and I feel like I have a much better idea of the whole Russian adoption process now. Our homestudy interview was more personal; just a lot of questions about our family and such.

So this isn't the most interesting post ever. But it's very exciting to us and I'm thrilled to be able to document three more steps toward bringing John Sergeant home!

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  1. I love reading even the not as interesting stuff...really I love reading everything about you getting ready for Sarge's arrival soon. It is so fun to me that the blog world has made me feel like I know your kids...yes, I said KIDS (with an s on the end!)...can you believe you are going to be a boy mom soon??? You are going to love it!