Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dossier Submitted (For Real This Time)

I got the lost-in-the-mail supporting dossier documents redone. They were Fed-Ex'd (overnight=arm & a leg) on Monday. We got word from our adoption agency that they arrived yesterday. So I think that's it. Unless there is some unforeseen circumstance, we should get our travel date for our first trip in 3-5 weeks. Which means we are looking at traveling probably sometime in March. Then 1-3 months between trips before we go back to get Sarge and bring him home. So we're thinking May-ish before he comes home. Of course, this is all just could be earlier or later, depending on who-knows-what. Someone told me when we started the process to "expect the unexpected," so that's my plan from here on out! :)

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