Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Update

Well, just when it seems there is good news, the enemy comes in to try to extinguish hope. The family I talked about in the last post, the one that is in country and waiting for the paperwork issues to be worked out with their child, have been told that it looks like the paperwork may not be worked out (again). I can't imagine the roller coaster they are on at this moment. They need a lot of prayers and so does their waiting child. He is an older child, which means he will likely be institutionalized if they are not able to adopt him. :( :( :( Please get on your knees for this family!

As for the other situation, there is no new information that I know of. Right now, it still looks like that child will not be adopted at this time. I am just praying for that child and the mother who hoped to bring her home. Please join me in praying for both of them and for the situation to somehow become a testimony to God's power and love.

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