Thursday, October 8, 2009

Homestudy Visit is Today!

Our homestudy in-home visit is scheduled for 1 p.m. today! That will mark the end of our homestudy duties and the beginning of our wait for them to complete the homestudy report. I am sooooooo excited to be nearing the end of this (very important) part of our adoption process. Our house is cleaner that it has ever been, I think. Maybe even cleaner than when we first moved into our house! I know they're not looking for dust and lint, but I didn't want our social worker to open and closet and find "Monica's closet." either. My good friend, Karen, came over yesterday and spent the entire day helping me deep clean and organize. It was so nice to have someone else to work with and another set of "fresh eyes" to see things that needed to be done. She's a detail person so she wiped down and cleaned things that I would've never even noticed (read: top of the fridge, kitchen canisters, plant foliage, etc.). Hopefully I can maintain the house a little better now that I have a fresh start. I love to organize, but I tend to let things like dusting and wiping fan blades and windexing windows go for months and months and months! I'll update later today and let you know how it went. Say a little prayer for us!


  1. Hope everything goes well! Can't wait until you can finally bring Sarge home!!

  2. Can your friend come over to my house???? Ha Ha!
    Our little one wasnt on RR but was supposed to be. Our agency director "forgot". I guess God had her just waiting for us. In the waiting I have found nooks and crannies to clean, dolls to sew for the orphanage, things to knit......

  3. Hope it went well. I feel your homestudy pain! We totally forgot about the garage - there was a chainsaw and all kinds of pesticides, gas can, etc on the floor - oops. And somehow, all the smoke detectors in the house had dead batteries and were in closets!
    {we still passed} {and have corrected the oopsies}