Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Harsh Reality

UPDATE: Just got word that it looks like the paperwork complications with the family that is already in country are being worked out and they will be able to adopt the child they had planned to adopt! Keep praying for the other situation to have a good ending as well!

Adoption is full of unknowns. It's risky. It takes a lot of faith. Just like having a child biologically, there are a lot of things that could happen to end the "pregnancy". Tonight I've been reminded of how sometimes plans to adopt fall through and my heart is heavy for two families that I've met through Reece's Rainbow. Please pray with me for these families. I'm not going to put names on here. It's really not important, plus these families would probably appreciate the privacy. But specifically, you can pray that they will have peace as it looks like the children they expected to adopt may no longer available for adoption. One family is already in country and waiting to find out if paperwork can be worked out to allow them to move forward. The other person was finished with their homestudy and compiling the dossier when they received word that their child was no longer available through their adoption agency. Again, I'm asking you to please pray for these families. Thank you.


  1. That SCARES ME TO DEATH !!!!! I will continue to keep these families in my prayers.

  2. That's terrible. Will be praying. And as always, praying for John Sergeant!


  3. we have gotten conflicting information about our Adoption as well. It is looking like it will take a miracle for our adoption of our little one in Ecuador to happen. I do know a miracle worker.........